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We help businesses better communicate with their customers by making available the real-time locations of their field staff.

We help customers easily self-service appointments to organise engineer visits on their terms.

We develop analytics that powers business decisions based on a deep understanding of how complex field service organisations work.

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On My Way

Ace your customer visits

On My Way allows your customers to see all the information they need to know about their service appointment including the location of the technician visiting their home in real-time via their desktop or mobile device.


Link to any modern Field Service Management software to retrieve appointment and technician data and present it interactively to  customers.


From the colour scheme to the technician’s ID badge, to their satisfaction score, to how they like their cup of tea – the choice is yours!


Self-Service appointments

uBook is a web or app-based solution that lets your customers self service field appointments. Give your customers power to organise their own schedule; book and reschedule their appointments via your website or via a dedicated, secure portal within Leadent Gateway.


Intuitive and responsive for a wide range of devices and can be fully customised with your  branding.


Provide easy self-service appointment scheduling as a quick and easy way to deliver excellent customer service.

Field Analytics

Examine your field force

Leadent Digital’s Field Analytics suite gives you the information and dashboards you need to understand and examine the real-time performance and effectiveness of your operations field force.


Make smart, informed decisions on how your field operation is running to focus on improving productivity and customer experience.


Dashboards of your field technician utilisation and efficiency will help to visualise the individual performance of your field teams and gangs.

Plug Ins

Extend your field solution

Leadent Digital is experienced in developing plug ins that allow you to customise and extend your field service solution to meet your needs.


Leadent Digital has a wealth of experience of developing plugins for  clients that add real value to their businesses.


Dashboards of your field technician utilisation and efficiency will help to visualise the individual performance of your field teams and gangs.

Merged Reality screen
Merged Reality

Give Instant Help To Customers and Technicians

Leadent Digital lets you visually interact with your customers and technicians using virtual interactive presence.

be hands on

Accelerate and simplify the way problems are solved. Allow  experts  to  virtually  reach  out  and touch  what  their  customer  is working on.

give real-time support

Simply place your hand, tools or other relevant objects behind your device during your merged reality call.
Go beyond face-fo-face.


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We create applications that deliver outstanding experiences for customers.


As a client-focused business we focus on supporting our clients no matter what.

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We design groundbreaking user experiences based on people-centered design.

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Put simply - Leadent Digital is revolutionising field service software.

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Connect your service applications and core data to the Leadent Gateway to open up flexible, configurable solutions.

Collect and share location data, enable self-service booking, manage appointments and analyse your own operational performance.

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