Customer Experience

Don't ignore negative customer feedback

As much you'd love to have satisfied customers all of the time it probably won’t happen. Whatever the reason it's important you take negative feedback as a learning opportunity. We give you some tips for how to handle it.

Customer Experience

How to get NPS® right

Many organisations use Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) as a tool that can be used to help them gauge the loyalty of their customer relationships. In this blog we give you some quick tips to get NPS right in your organisation and how to link it to your customer journey.


All hail the robot warehouse

This blog considers the rise of robotics in warehousing and logistics when every day there seems to be another article about how robots and the rise of artificial intelligence will take over our daily jobs. As the warehousing industry is at the sharp end of this we consider some examples.


The AI ethics battleground

We consider recent focus on the ethics of artificial intelligence and the positions of big tech companies and academia in furthering the debate, in the context of the recent announcement of a new centre for the Humanities and AI ethics.


The sound of digital

We reflect on the future sound of our streets as electric vehicle manufacturers start to consider the internal and external acoustic sounds that their cars will produce and how vehicle customisation could become the next area for innovation. Take a listen!

Customer Experience

Making customer experience stick

It's all too easy to pay lip service in a customer experience workshop without making any sustained changes in your business. We've seen a number of companies who have run customer experience improvement initiatives and then stopped because they've 'done it'. Here are some tips to sustaining your customer experience focus

Customer Experience

Transform your customer experience

This blog is all about how to set up and run a customer experience transformation programme in your organisation, with hints and tips on what works and what you should prioritise for your next initiative. Get in touch with us for more help and advice.


Disrupting last mile delivery

In this blog we consider the changing world of logistics and how new organisations are disrupting the so-called last mile delivery with models based on crowdsourcing, localised delivery and crowdstorage, with the aim of ensuring a superior customer experience. Find out what you can do to tap into new ways of delivering.

Customer Experience

Why mobile customer experience matters

With so much focus on disruption and delivering a superior digital experience, it can be really easy to overlook something obvious - mobile technologies and the experience that a user, customer or employee will have of the technology that's in their hand!


Disrupting retail - three digital CX case studies

We consider three trends that are disrupting different elements of retail - the in store checkout experience, the manufacturing process and the logistics and fulfilment process. In each case study technology is being used to ensure even greater efficiency, operating cost reduction and decreased time to market.


Plan for success

How important is planning to your organisation? In this blog with give you some quick tips to make planning better and deliver a better customer experience as a result.


Think digital don't hate digital

Read this blog to find out some quick tips on how to 'do digital' and how not to hate doing it in the process! We consider digital skills, customer experience, setting clear objectives and not overlooking change management.


Don't let disruption leave you behind

Most sectors are experiencing unprecedented change due to digitisation and the evolution of customer expectations. New technologies are grabbing the headlines and traditional operating models are getting disrupted. Here we consider why.

Field Service

How merged reality transforms field service

What is merged reality and why is it important to field service businesses? Most importantly, what can you expect as some of the benefits of adopting it in your organisation?

Customer Experience

Map your customer experience

A customer experience map helps you to understand and evaluate the story or your brand, products or services from a customer's perspective over time and across the channels they utilise. By gaining this understanding you can work to truly position your offerings to close these gaps.

Customer Experience

How to listen better to your customers

We consider the importance of listening to your customers and some essential experience for getting meaningful customer context and capitalising on this information for your business


Digital trends for 2019

There's no shortage of predictions for trends and technologies for the year ahead. What we don't see as much of is unbiased, solution agnostic predictions based on real experience of what organisations are looking to develop. Don't worry - we've done the hard work for you with our 5 point summary.


Driving the electric vehicle future

In this blog we consider what comes next for the UK electric vehicle market, how charging infrastructure should develop and how industry players can capitalise on opportunities


Opportunities for virtual reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have long been feted as the next big thing. Technology companies have been hiding in plain sight to get the upper hand for when the battle truly starts.


Living the augmented reality

In this blog, Laurence Cramp considers Augmented Reality and what comes next for this rapidly developing technology.


Making IoT work for telecoms

There will be nearly 21 billion devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020. Here's how telecoms companies can capitalise on the market opportunities.

Customer Experience

Why customers switch utilities

Recent statistics suggest that 5.1 million electricity customers and 4.1 million gas users switched supplier in 2017 – the highest number for almost a decade. What is driving this behaviour?

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