Smart decisions require smart analytics


Our unique insight provides next level intelligence to your operations.


Field Analytics is real-time; ensuring you can stay ahead of operational decisions you need to take.


Information is made available in visual dashboards so you can focus on the need to know.


Our analytics engine has been built operations-first. If you have a field business it works for you!


We know what works and have talked to hundreds of operations managers, schedulers and field teams to shape the Field Analytics suite.


We have poured all of our 16 plus years of experience and understanding of how best practice field operations works into Field Analytics.


Next level intelligence to steer your operations

Leadent Digital Field Analytics will help you to understand:

  • How all levels of your field organisation are performing

  • How your current performance compares with your previous performance

  • The real-time distribution and geographic coverage of  appointments

  • The density of your planned service visits

  • The potential capacity and reach of your field staff

  • The individual and team performance of your technicians

  • Your adherence to SLAs and appointment commitment times

  • How far your field resources can travel at various times of day

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Understand how far one of your technicians can travel and whether they will meet your planned service visit


Overlay available resources to view a real-time heatmap of capacity and coverage against travel time


Visualise the journey time from nominated locations (such as head office, your depots or stores)


Help decision making about where to locate your field staff and how many to base there

Isochrone Visualisation

Visualise the time your field resources can travel

We don’t use distance to determine coverage, we use time.

Using isochrone visualisation analysis determines how far one (or many) of your resources can travel at various times of the day.

This means you can focus on improving productivity and customer experience.

We draw on over 16 years’ experience of working with 60+ leading industry brands to improve their service-based operations.


View by task, by customer, by site, by technician or by team


Compare historical to current performance and  against closed tasks


Rapidly understand how your work matches your resources


Visualise work distribution by team member·and evaluate work mix by region

Work Distribution and SLA Adherence

Easily Understand How You Deliver Against Service Level Agreements

Visual dashboards designed to help you understand all the appointments are tasks that are currently open and those that are near to or at risk of missing their planned SLA.

Work Distribution analysis allows you to look across your work and understand the distribution of your appointments by resource and by team.