Increasing the Value of OFSC

Make better decisions with your OFSC data


Unleash the power of the API framework


Experiment with routing profiles using real data


Adjust predicted travel times with the addition of live Google traffic data


Automate configuration of Oracle Field Service Cloud and remove manual error

Get More from your investment in OFSC

Customise OFSC for your business specific use case

OFSC provides a powerful framework for adding customer specific capabilities to Mobility and Core Manage.

If you’ve ever thought, “In OFSC, I wish we could do…” the chances are a plugin can help.

Leadent Digital has a wealth of experience of developing plugins for its clients that add real value.

About Real-Time Traffic

Apply Google travel data to your schedule

OFSC travel statistics are fantastic for planning, but when it comes to the day of delivery, you just can’t plan for an incident that closes the motorway.

Real-Time Traffic applies Google’s wealth of real-time data about the road network, directly to your OFSC routes.

Use Pessimistic, Optimistic and Google Best Guess to take control of your travel data and deal with issues, before they occur.

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About Activity Migration Tools

Quickly Transfer activity data between OFSC environments with control

Run scenario-based routing profiles and test quota thresholds with your real OFSC data by transferring live data into test environments.

With options to exclude less relevant activities manipulate SLAs.

About OFSC Data Loaders

Apply repeatable configuration and reduce manual data entry errors

Simply manage OFSC entities, such as properties, skills, resources, users, locations, work schedules and work zones.

Removes manual data entry and associated errors. Includes version control and easy assurance of publishing into live.

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