On My Way


Don't worry - I'm on my way

On My Way allows your customers to see all the information they need to know about their service appointment including the location of the technician visiting their home in real-time via their desktop or mobile device.


Integrates seamlessly with any modern field service management software.


Leading retail, utilities and telecoms organisations are using On My Way to improve customer experience.


Loved by service organisations

On My Way is highly configurable, responsive, fully interactive and built with security from the ground up.

It is designed to help reduce contact centre traffic, minimise wasted effort from customer no-shows and to deliver a more effective customer experience.

It's no wonder that On My Way is loved by major global field service organisations...and of course by their customers!

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Customer receives a link with details of their appointment (configurable text or email) using the Leadent Gateway SMS, email or your own SMS or email gateway.


Clicking the link opens a fully interactive, Google map view of the location of their engineer or technician, relative to the customer’s current home location.


Other information shown includes the appointment address, time and delivery window, technician name and their
badge ID and photograph.


All information is available and updated real-time from your field service software with optional display real-time traffic to inform your customer of potential delays.


The portal is easily rebranded to reflect your business imagery and colour palette and even lets you select your own map icons.


On My Way is cloud hosted and managed in Amazon Web Services by Leadent Digital. If you have your own preferred cloud provider we can support that too.

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Meet Peter

He's just your usual busy guy who demands good service

Peter just wants an easy service experience

Peter's a busy guy. He runs his own business and the last thing he wants is to have to wait around all day for an open ended technician service appointment.

When his home appliance breaks down On My Way comes to his rescue, allowing him to easily see his position in the technician's list of visits, who will be attending his property and when to expect them.

He even gets updates because of traffic! Watch Peter's story below.

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On My Way transforms the way  service organisations interact with their customers

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Secure by Design

Built with security from the bottom up

Working over many years with major enterprise clients under strict regulation, Leadent builds software with security by design, rather than as an afterthought. On My Way is built with security in mind from the ground up.

  • Data is encrypted using aes192 as a minimum.

  • Tokenised URL provided to customers valid for the lifetime of activity

  • No customer or employee data is ever persisted permanently.

  • Field worker location can be obfuscated to a general area.

  • Start of day location updates can be delayed to ensure privacy.

  • OWASP top ten compliant and built for strict compliance with GDPR.

On My Way provides an easy way to deliver excellent customer service.

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